Exercises that Tone and Reshape Your Body:Day1

Goals today:
-31 minutes of cycling with 12 rounds using my timer.
-Drink 2 glasses of water every hour.
-Military Press 30 times everytime I remember throughout the day.
-10 sets of swing-ups
-10 sets of 10 pull-ups
-10 sets of 100 jumps

My thoughts: I am seeing that my body is now stronger than the normal male my age. I want to safely maintain this. I work within my limits, while still challenging myself for one more rep. Each day I have to increase this base number.

Your Goal:
To set your base. You have seen how I challenge myself. I want you to pick a few exercises(at least 3) targeting the areas you need work on most. I want you to record how many reps you can do in one minute. Record the weight used, if any. Tomorrow we will try to increase the rep by 1 or 1/2 a rep, ok?
When exercising to shape your body, you need to challenge your system. The last three reps of any exercise should be a challenge. If you want to see serious fast results, you need to make the last 3 reps hard to complete. Do this safely. You will tone and build a noticeably beautiful body in no time.
With your eating today, try and focus on fresh items. Berries, proteins and vegetables should be the base of your diet. Try to avoid the sugars and all starchy carbohydrates today–stick with fibrous carbohydrates and proteins.


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