How are You Doing with the Workout Clips?

I really hope you are trying your best. You need to be taking note of how many reps you do. Take notice of how soon you get tired. You want to each time try to go just a little further each time you press play on the clip.
It is all about consistency. I would rather you do 5 minutes of intense working out instead of nothing at all.

Try to start understanding why you must push yourself. Your goal is to stay in your maximum heart rate zone. In the beginning this might seem hard. But stick with it, because in no time it will be easier.
If you have any questions about a clip I have made, please ask.


2 Responses to “How are You Doing with the Workout Clips?”

  1. steadylosing Says:

    The workout clips are wonderful, as crazy s it may sound. I love a challenge and the clips get my heart pumping and it makes my cardio just awesome! I have lost 4lbs in the past 3 days, and I am so pumped. Thank you for the greta help Ahmad.

  2. Charity!!
    Thanks for doing the work…I mean it is easy for me to list the plan, but you get a standing ovation for doing the work…did I read correctly?? 4 lbs…that is wonderful! Let’s try to keep on moving forward, one day at a time. We will celebrate at the finish. Keep working the plan!

    Talk to you soon,

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