Win the Fight Against AB Fat

written by ahmad

When was the last time you ran like you did in 3rd grade?

A study held at the University of Virginia recently, proved that women and men that made sure to do high-intensity exercise(workouts where you are breathing hard as hell) had significantly lower belly flab at the end of a 4 month period than those folks that worked out at an easier level. (The kicker…both groups burned the same amount of calories!)

Pushing it, or turning up the intensity of your workout will help increase the production of hormones that play a key role in burning fat post exercise!! Your ab fat will always be effected if you try to make every workout feel like it’s your first. So get into that target heart rate zone…the upper range on occasion! (You do know how to calculate this right? If not ask me below…leave me your age and I will compute it for you.)

So when you do your cardio today, try increasing that incline for a few seconds and pumping that heart a little harder…

You’re almost there,



5 Responses to “Win the Fight Against AB Fat”

  1. mattmahowald Says:

    It is well known to those of us in the fitness field that no amount of crunches will give you that hard, cut abdominal look, if you have excess body fat. Therefore, running, which reduces body fat in general, goes a long way in helping to scult your abs. Too many people make the mistake of doing sit-ups till their blue in the face and neglecting other aspects of exercise, so this is a great tip to put out there.

  2. Thank you so much for all of the great info!!! My belly is shrinking daily because of your plans–exercise and diet. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  3. Matt,
    Thanks for confirming this point. Please keep your thoughts flowing here more often!


  4. Hi! I just wanted all of your subscribers to know how great of a trainer you REALLY are….I first started working out with Ahmad almost 2 years ago…within the first three months, I LOST 25lbs…My starting weight was 157 and NOW i am 129!!!! I have managed to keep the weight off by following his eating plan and exercising regularly. It was not easy at first but just wait….the results are well worth it!!! Contact me if you have questions or need suggestions on your fitness journey!

  5. larkinnews Says:

    Great workouts. Boy, it shows I really need to get in shape. And thanks for the invite.

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