3 Ways to End Knee Pain

written by ahmad

Reduce Knee PainIt is reported that more than 18 million runners will injure themselves this year (I hate even writing such a negative quote), and the part that will be banged up the most will be the knee. A study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise states that over-training, repetitive high impact, and tight hamstrings can create knee trauma. The good news is that it can be prevented.


1. Stretch– Do hamstring stretches after every run says Stephen Messier, Ph.D., director of Wake Forrest University’s Runners’ Clinic

2. New Gear– Buy new shoes every 500 miles! Shock absorption is very important, and it wears then over time.

3. Slow and Steady Win the Race – Messier says adding too much mileage too soon creates extra tension on the knees. Increase your distance by no more than 5% each week if you wish for the pain to be prevented.

On a side note…I have noticed that certain shoes make my running less painful. For instance these shoes are the best to me for running and keeping the knees healthy:




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