Exercises that Tone and Reshape Your Body:Day2

written by ahmad

Today I got my cardio out of the way early. I had one too many cookies last night, so I will make up for it today by trying not to over do it on the sugar today. It is all about balance. So where I live I have mapped out a safe course to ride my bike. It a huge circle, where 2 laps equals 1 mile. Anyway I just finished doing 16 laps…8 miles. So in working with my ‘just one more rep’ theory, tomorrow I plan to do 17 laps in about the same amount of time(26 mins–it was windy today.) While I waited for my shower to warm, I did 32 reps of military press with 40 lb dumbells in each hand. It took me a while to work up to this. I only could do 20 reps barely. I use this exercise as a meter to let me know if I am getting weak or stronger.

Now my next task throughout the day will be stomach work. I plan to do swing ups throughout the day. Let me know what you plan to do for your workout today?



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