My thoughts and plan for today: Day 3

written by Ahmad

think-bigMy father could always tell when I was under a lot of stress based on how my room and my surroundings looked. Just the way I wore my clothes would set an alert for him to do his fatherly duty of checking in on my personal life. This went on until college…lol.

I share that with you because I feel it is great advice. You need to start arranging the things in your life that are out of order. Don’t try to do it all in one shot. Do it bit by bit. This will form the habit needed to get into great shape. Just like a car needs various parts functioning in an efficient manner, so do you need the areas of your life doing the same thing.

So today I decided I would clean up a few things, bit by bit. You try this too. I figured my areas I spent most of time needs to be clutter free, so I have decided to work on that. You do the same. For workout today I plan to do my usual. I rode my bike this morning in my bedroom. Next I plan to do my swing ups and push-ups later with my weighted vest. I think the weighted vest is helping me to become more sympathetic to those carrying a lot of weight. For finishers later I might do my 10 sets of 100 jumps with the jumpe rope…or ride my bike again. All I know is I will make the time enjoyable. I normally do these activities with my favorite new music or television/dvd playing.

Try it…I am sure you will love it.

You’re almost there,



One Response to “My thoughts and plan for today: Day 3”

  1. This is so true.. my life runs so much more smoothly when I take time to declutter and organize my surroundings. I’m way more productive in everything I do.

    We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan. 🙂

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