Another Important Thing To Lose Love Handles

written by Ahmad

Lose Your Love HandlesMost think it is a hard job to lose the love handles. Really it is not at all. If you follow these simple eating rules the fat will seem to disappear in a matter of days. You will begin to notice you have to tighten your belt more often, or you will have to buy a few new articles of clothing to match your new frame.

Rules to Lose the Love Handles

1. Consume nothing white or anything that has white ingredients AFTER 12 PM. You really need to try this. To my amazement this happens to be one of the best tricks to quickly see a change. After 12 PM you want to only consume proteins and fibrous carbs, such as fruits and vegetables that are low on the glycemic index.

2. You want to wait one hour after finishing your cardio before eating anything. You want your body to use the adipose fat tissue for fuel after finishing your session. Try it!

3.  Workout in your maximum heart rate zone for a minimum of 20 minutes everyday if you can. Gradually you will increase the time and intensity until you are closer to your upper range and doing 45 minutes MAXIMUM of cardio daily. Remember to stretch and ice any sore joints and muscles!

4. Drink two glasses of water before every major meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner)…at least 20 -30 minutes before you sit down to eat.

5. Always eat your vegetables first. Wait a few minutes then consume your proteins. You do not want to mix the two if you can. It all has to deal with how your stomach’s enzymes digest your food. If your stomach is to acidic, then your carbs will not be dissolved properly. So you want the stomach pretty balanced when introducing your vegetables in. Try this…you can even try eating them separately.

These are all tricks of my trade. I hope you found this article helpful. I will be posting more. Try and go the extra step, and you will see how much better life becomes.

You’re almost there,



16 Responses to “Another Important Thing To Lose Love Handles”

  1. hello i didnt feel as much pain getting up today as i did yesterday morning but when i did my workout i was feeling the burn and fatege a lot faster

  2. Good tips. Thanks.

  3. this is good 2 know!!…most trainers dont let u know this!!!…kudos

  4. My daily post….thanks for the videos! I love your energy!

  5. The bicycles have helped me tremendously. I have always had a pooch as they say, but have been thin but my stomach just makes me feel so unsightly. I can say that my belly is starting to look flatter every week and definition is coming in.

  6. Hi Ahmad…

    Question – You say don’t eat anything for 1hr after your workout. I’ve always been trained to eat protein at least 30mins after your workout to replenish your muscles. Have I been doing it incorrectly all this time?

    Thanks in advance. 🙂


  7. Hi Kels!
    You are right and wrong…you only wait ONE HOUR without eating IF IT IS a strictly CARDIO WORKOUT without lifting or resistance training. If you do lift or resistance train with cardio then you SHOULD consume a fast absorbing carb to increase insulin levels and most importantly a fast dissolving whey protein. Hope that cleared up any confusion. I will be making a clip about this topic soon.


  8. shhhhhhhh…do you hear that?? Do you hear me over here cheering for you!!You are doing wonderful…You just need to keep your eye on your heart rate and make sure you are playing in the zone! Keep challenging yourself!

  9. thank you!! I sent you an email btw… let me know if you got it? ahmad

  10. I’m trying to show you always what’s behind the curtain…or what’s up the sleeve….thanks for posting!

  11. Thank you for posting…wish you could come to the workout class!

  12. I AM so happy to hear that! Keep pushing!


  13. thank you for the great info always! 🙂

  14. Im learning soo much from all of your daily advice, ive been applying alot of what your mentioned but im am struggling with a few things. I will email you with the details. I also want to make sure you see this comment so i don’t get deleted from your list! I definitely need every advice you can give me! Keep it up and God Bless!

  15. Chrissssy Says:

    Drinking water before a meal i guess helps you fill up but doesn’t it dillute the gastric acids making digestion harder?

  16. You want to always try and have your liquids separate from your main meal. It is best to consume the beverage(water) 30 minutes before actual eating. Anytime sooner could slow down digestion and proper absorption…in some cases slight fermentation could occur…which leads to the feelings of gas and bloatiness. Digestion begins in the mouth. The mouth begins triggering certain productions of certain enzymes to get ready for digestion. If you mix certain foods it can throw off the whole acidic levels of the digestive juices. When the ph is off…then certain enzymes will not function. Enzymes react in steps. If one step does not happen, then the following steps will not occur. This is what happens when you combine starches and proteins. Proteins need an acidic environment for the enzyme known as pepsin to act. For starch to effectively be broken down, you need a more basic level for the pytaline enzyme to act.

    Anyway, water will not throw this off too much, just as long as you have it several minutes before.

    Hope that helped…

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