If You Have A Headache Try This…

written by Ahmad

How to Get Rid of A Headache or Migraine1. Picture your favorite food.

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point discovered that fantasizing about your favorite meal can improve your mood and decrease anxiety levels. This will lessen the intensity of your headache.

2. Drink Up

At the first twinge of the headache coming on, gulp down 2 cups of water. It has been proven to alleviate headaches of 65 percent of sufferers within a 30 minute period. (Reports a study in Headache.)

3. Work Up A Sweat

I saved this one for last…which is the best! The Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine did a study that proved a 45 minute workout followed by 15 minutes of relaxation twice a week eases migraine pain. To unwind, try this:

Towel off…then stand with your heels your hips, and the nape of your neck against a wall. While pushing your shoulders back, inhale and exhale once, deeply…then release. Repeat this eight times.

You’re Almost There,



13 Responses to “If You Have A Headache Try This…”

  1. Sounds Good

  2. Thanks for the advise

  3. thanks for the advise, i have lot of headaches

  4. You are very welcome,

  5. yes…try it and let me know if it helps you too…

  6. Hey Ahmad, I hope you got my email. Thank you for offering your videos! I’ve already recruited my mother. Our 30 days starts today! 🙂

  7. love all the VIDEO demos… great STUFF… i also share them with my class i teach at the gym.. 🙂

  8. WOW ! This is really really good ! i dint know a work out would reduce migranes !! thanks Ahmad !

  9. James Jones Says:

    HI <– good enough??

  10. Will do … “hello”

  11. ok i will sounds good

  12. Thanks, I starting. Appreciate your efforts. Today did 45 min walk in hrz.

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