My Workout For Today

Really quick:

I going to do 25 minutes of spinning then play wii fit until I get tired of it…lol. While I watch tv this evening, during the commercial breaks I will be jump roping, doing pull-ups, and the swing ups for my abs.

Wish me Luck.
My goal is to do just one more rep in all of the exercises than I did last time.

You’re Almost There,


6 Responses to “My Workout For Today”

  1. Tanya - StarAchievments Says:

    Hey Hey I am signing in before you take me off the list – Lol nearly choked on my coffee.. This blog is great – love to know what you did that kind of gives me insperation to get up and do something.

    Anyway Check… It has been snowing down here ! I have been on my fitness shaker and am doing your vid again in the morning whoo Hoo! Attempt to.

    StaY Blessed – And please Keep me on the LIST !

  2. Here is my hello. Please don’t delete me.

  3. Hey Ahmad,

    Just wanted to say man i love
    your workouts and i hope to
    keep seeing more videos and
    i wanted so say thank you.
    Because of your workouts, i can
    see my abs again! lol. Anyways,
    Your workout plans and videos
    seem to be working great for me.
    I have better stamina, i am stronger,
    and im getting into even better shape
    than i can remember.

    Thanks Ahmad!

    Jason (, wsws122–youtube)

  4. You are the truth … Love ur post ..KIT thank you

  5. I am glad that you post these videos and comments on your blog and on youtube. I really appreciate all of your help. THANKS

  6. Hello every1. Ahmad, I wud like to take the time to 1st say hello and to thank you. Your suggestions are really helping me and hope i can get my summer body going b/f it hits. Thank u agian.

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