Cheat Meal…YES!!

written by ahmad

megym-001So as you all know I am big on rewarding consistently good habits. For instance, if I manage to follow these healthy guidelines that I am laying out for you, for 6 days out of 7, then on the 7th day I reward myself with the cheat meal of my choice. Now I know you all have heard the idea of the cheat meal.

The difference with my approach is this:

Before I have the cheat meal, I do the toughest cardio session that I can safely handle. I might even add the 5-10 minutes more to my normal time. Let me tell you, it tastes so good to eat a cheat meal without guilt. So push that heart rate a little today. Over the six days it will add up so by the end of the week , the cheat meal will not add too many points to your caloric deficit. Yes your goal is to create a caloric deficit through smart snacking throughout the day on high fiber, protein rich, fibrous carbohydrate combinations.

If you do this your body begins to work with you. Your metabolic clock resets and you begin to drop the fat.

Hope this article made sense…if not ask me questions!

You’re Almost There,



4 Responses to “Cheat Meal…YES!!”

  1. larkinnews Says:

    Very interesting article. Will have to try that.

  2. Hmmmm….this would be fun. It would give you something to work hard all week for, wouldn’t it? Great idea! It would be hard to get over my “HEALTHY” mindset and have a little fun, once in a while though…but i think i will try this. Even if it’s just once a month.

  3. Was reading over this old post and was wondering what do you have for your cheat meal? When was your last one?


  4. Honestly….I haven’t had a cheat meal….since i started working out. I did treat myself to 3/4 of a glass of white wine tonight with dinner. I NEVER do that. So that was my cheat and it sure tasted good! Next Saturday is my birthday… i may opt for some popcorn at the theater. Not sure yet.

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