The Super Utility Bench



Reviews and News: Get more out of your workout using  free weights with this adjustable bench. It adjusts to four different positions for workout versatility–over 30 different exercises. It makes it easier for you to do more exercises to get the body you want and ensures proper posture so that you can maximize your results. It’s the perfect way to transform your space into a personal fitness center.

Free-weight lifting continues to be a popular option for home strength training. Free weights offer a special benefit in strength training because they promote quicker strength gains. Free weights also work a larger number of muscles than resistance machines, which tend to focus on isolated muscles.

With the help of this single utility bench, a vast number of exercises can be performed. Whether it is focusing on the abdomen, arms, chest, or any other muscle group, a utility bench can help you maximize your strength training goals while minimizing your risk of personal injury.



One Response to “The Super Utility Bench”

  1. Heyyyyy Ahmad!!!!! Your workouts are awesome…I’m like huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf haha…must be doing something right!!!! I lost 5 pds since I started your workout plan routine thingy!!!….I’m so happy and excited for the rest of the weight to come off!!!!! You rock!!! 🙂

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