Week 2: How To Approach

written by ahmad

Toned BodyI write this a few hours

before the start of our

new week, week two.

I put together a new week two easy cardio workout clip. The goal of this week is to start using more muscles as you lose fat. If you are eating as the plan states, without being creative, you will reach the goal. These workouts are designed to improve your overall look and shape. You need to only do the clip the best you can EACH DAY. Modify a move to something easier, if you find any difficulty. All I ask is that you seek to get better and better each day.

Record yourself doing one of my clips. I will add you too my front page along with my other squad members.

Week two is when you get to meet Mr. Burns. So be ready. The journey needs to be fun and the reward will be the icing on your celebration cake for really doing it this time.

You’re Almost There,



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