Setback but still on track–written by Charity

I got on the scale monday and I gained 2 lbs. I worked out hard last evening and this morning. When I got on the scale this morning those ugly 2 lbs were gone! YAY. I mut admit I did not workout on saturday or sunday and I ate 2 pieces of cheesecake but other than that I should not have gained, I should have been staedy. Anywho, I won’t complain I am just blessed to be back on track.


4 Responses to “Setback but still on track–written by Charity”

  1. Good attitude!! I can’t wait to hear how tomorrow goes. Just try to make up today for the cheesecake from this weekend. No worries…I have a few ways to erase the slight setback. Look at it like this, you might have just helped someone else get the answer to their question…

    “what to do if I have a small setback?”
    The answer:
    More cardio the next day. It’s all about energy balance. Got use that extra energy before your body starts to store it. Once its stored, it can be like climbing into the attic to do spring cleaning…we know that can take a while, but it gets done. Lets cut our work time in half by never missing the daily cardio…even if it is half pace.

    You’re Almost There,

  2. Did you say cheesecake!!!?!?!?!!!! I love cheescake haha…that’s like dining with Satan himself haha just kidding…don’t feel bad, I had like getlatti or gelatto…or however you spell the damn italian ice cream last weeked…it’s all good just don’t lose focus!! Plus I was sick last week and it threw me off…but thanks to Ahmad i’m back on track…trust me, if you follow what he says you are in fact almost there 🙂

  3. Thanks Simmi for those words of encouragement… Hey I didn’t know about the ice cream you had last weekend…hope it was your cheat meal!

    Thanks for posting!!

  4. steadylosing Says:

    Thanks Simmi and Ahmad both very encouraging words I did workout like crazy yesterday. Today I woke very sore and did not work out this morning. I am leaaving to go home early today but you better belive I will be working out hard in my home gym after my nap at 2pm. thanks guys

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