The Anti-Estrogenic Diet


Reviews and News:

The main premise of the book is how damaging excessive estrogen can be for the body. Once you understand that, then the author explains which foods have anti-estrogenic abilities to counter-act the excess estrogen problem, and then which foods to avoid which promote estrogen. So it is not some sort of vegan diet from of old. It is based on modern research.

This book provides a solution to what nearly every other diet program fails to address – why we rebound from dieting. Once your body is “truly” detoxified, you won’t want to eat junk any more because junk food makes you sick – you immediately get headaches and allergies and bloating .

Excellent information about what causes estrogen imbalance and recommendations to reverse it. provides simple guidelines on how to reach an optimal hormonal balance that revitalizes and protects the organism. This is not a diet but an eating plan for life.


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