Log Your Steps on Your Pedometer The Fun Way…

written by Ahmad

Wii fit is awesome. Try it for 20 minutes, tops, and I bet the next day you will wonder where all the soreness came from. You truly get a great workout from this system. Here at makingthebest.wordpress.com , I make sure we are not wasting time when it comes to exercise. Trust me, with the Wii Fit, you are not. With Wii Sport you become just like the professional athlete possessing the ability to swing, hit, and throw like a natural born sports star.

I feel the best workout in the game is the running/walking exercise. You really enjoy the action. You can either walk in place or run fast or slow to keep up with your virtual running partner. Very fun. You can even use this if you are doing a walking program currently–log your steps the fun way!

Click Below to Get Your Wii Fit!! Wonderful to USE FOR getting fit the FUN WAY!!31va6sw27bl_sl500_aa280_


3 Responses to “Log Your Steps on Your Pedometer The Fun Way…”

  1. marielle13 Says:

    Hi I hope this is not too late but I’m posting a “hello post” as per the instructions in your email. I havent received any for yesterday and today.

  2. Miamimap Says:

    Ahmad, the wii is such a great supplemental workout to your workouts. Of course, nothing compares to you and your workouts!!! 🙂

  3. I love working out w/ Wii Fit. It’s a really fun way to burn the calories. I actually sweat after the running and hula hoop exercises. The yoga is really fun too and gives you quite a little workout. 🙂

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