The Gabriel Method


Reviews and News:

This book is essentially the theory and practice of a healthy, non-diet way of living that will actually lead to greater weight loss than even healthy diets. The main tenet of The Gabriel Method is that the body will not lose weight until it is ready; that is, until you (and it) feel safe. So it’s really important to find ways to help your body feel safe, and then weight loss will naturally occur.

Most weight-loss programs place minimal attention on the mind-body connection, and this is where they fall short. Nothing is more important than understanding the way the mind and body are communicating with each other, especially when it comes to stress.

The author emphasizes lots of ways of eating healthfully, but stresses that these need to happen by following the body’s needs and listening to your own body, as opposed to forcing anything. He also emphasizes things like forgiveness, and other types of self-care. The book is really unique due to it’s comprehensive approach to the anti-diet mentality.


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