Have You Created A Challenge For Yourself?

written by ahmad

The Perfect Push UpIf you wish to improve, you will have to reach out of your comfort zone on a regular basis. I like to try this every so often. I decide on something new I would like to learn. It can be learning how to type faster, or it could be learning how to prepare a dish that I watched on the food network. It doesn’t matter, I at least try.

So my new challenge is an unassisted handstand. To me this will be the first step into doing the unassisted push-up handstand. For my fitness level this is a challenge. If I can accomplish this feat, I will improve a lot of areas of my fitness.

I say all of this because I want you to now decide on something challenging, but within your means and fitness level of doing. Here’s an idea:

Why don’t you make a post here to this thread everyday letting me know what you did for your health today. It could be as simple as saying no to the fatty dressing offered to you at lunch today, or it could be, “HEY AHMAD, I JOGGED FOR 15 SECONDS TODAY AT THE END OF MY 3 MILE WALK!!”

I know you can do this. I want to hear from you. Don’t let me down!!

You’re Almost There,



2 Responses to “Have You Created A Challenge For Yourself?”

  1. Miamimap Says:

    At lunch today, I had a healthy stir fry chicken lunch instead of pizza!!! Water instead of soda or juice!

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