I am Amazed–written by Charity

Good Morning Ahmad, I am so pumded today! I wanted you to know that when I got on the scale this morning I saw that I lost another 4lbs. I just started crying and thanking God. I am so blessed to have gone through everything with this weight loss and even how it has changed me personally. I eat healthier, I think healthy and I love myself and my body more. You have been such a blessing to me. My clothes being slouchy and the scale going down is just a bonus. What I have gained in learning to take better care of myself in and out has totally rocked my world. ( as cheesy as that sounds.) I would like everyone out there subscribing to “Making The Best” to know that it gets rough, but every day it gets a little easier. When you make up in your mind that every day you won’t slack off and that you will make the choice to eat the right things, to learn how to fuel your body with energy and to burn off the fat with intense exercise (at your target heart rate) you are on the path to success. I officially have 25 more lbs to go! YAY! I will do it. P. S. I started off needing to lose 47 lbs I have lost a total of 22lbs…that’s unbelievable.


One Response to “I am Amazed–written by Charity”

  1. Charity!!! Look at you! Great job…the before and after pics are going to be so wonderful for those needing motivation. We have to still keep training like we just started…know what I mean? I really appreciate the EXTRA effort you are giving, by posting and letting me know how much it is helping(I really wish others would do more of this along their journey too).

    Keep up the good work…and decide how you are going to reward yourself when you hit that goal very soon:)

    Hope you got that cardio in …:)


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