Mayaluvsmusic: Here Is How You Regain Motivation

written by ahmad

keep moving towards your goals.

I was sitting down to my desk to think of my next post to write when I saw your post on my channel. Thank you for giving me inspiration to write this article…(will be making a video lesson clip about this too).

Set aside 5-15 minutes for this exercise.

Step 1. Play it LOUD! Get your favorite song and place it on repeat. You will be playing your music while you complete the following

steps. Do this!

Step 2. What can you workout for? Is it to set a good example for your family, friends, co-workers? How about a big event coming up, a trip perhaps? Find an up coming event. Your goal is to turn one head or two:) The only way you will do this is to get back into your workout routine.

Step 3. Now that you feel more pleasant about your workout schedule again, let’s focus on refreshing your current workout. The way I do this is by changing the order of my workout (working smaller muscles before larger…. running stairs in a building instead of the sometimes boring stair master.) You can even try a class or two within your workout week.

Step 4. Always reward your efforts. You need to plan on a wonderful cheat meal once a week if you make it through the 6 days of workouts and eating healthy snacks. Try your best to only reward yourself for your good behavior and wise choices.

Let me know if that helps a bit…

You’re Almost There,



One Response to “Mayaluvsmusic: Here Is How You Regain Motivation”

  1. iluvsmusic Says:

    Thanks for the article. It feels like a tune-up or a reminder of why I’m doing this. The music really helps to cut through the negative talk and to push hard even though I was just writing the list out. I feel my state of mind is different. I don’t feel as hopeless and worthless for my missed workouts! THANKS!

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