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Moderate Cardio Week 6


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3 Weeks of Progress!

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Diet Fads-Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry

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Did You Know?

There are so many different fad diets and different opinions on how to lose weight. Here are some of the best ways to lose weight without going hungry.

1. Stop Focusing solely on Calories

2. Eat High Protein Foods

3. Stick to eating Low Glycaemic Index (GI) Foods

4. Eat plenty of Raw Foods

5. Keep Healthy Food in the House

6. Curb alcohol intake without sacrifice

7. Chew your food

In this book, Zahensky considers the reasons people overeat and walks readers through practical steps to recognizing true hunger, making a weight-loss plan, and establishing good diet and exercise habits. She examines different types of fad and crash diets, pointing out their inherent dangers.


A winner never loses, but practices to continue the privilege of winning –written by Charity

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 Yesterday I only got to work out at lunch and I only burned 500 calories for the whole day. I had bible study last night and we talked about eschatology which is a study of the last days surrounding the return of Jesus Christ. God is the most important person in my life and I am so grateful for his love and peace which comforts me and surrounds me daily.

So I am on day 4 of the diet and I cannot lie I am not so much feeling weak, but more so wiry. Today I get to eat up to 8 bananas and 3 cups of skim milk today, (not going to do the milk).  For some reason my acid reflux or my stomach in general is just straight sour and is acting a monkey and it is so uncomfortable.

Anyway enough moaning. This morning I woke up late instead of 5am I got up at 5:51am. I did not get to do my abs and my body was not cooperating so I listened to it, got on the treadmill and only burned 338 cals in 21 minutes which was cool. I kind of felt bad because I wanted to do more but physically it was too much, so I lay on the floor trying to get my body to sync with my mind and refocus. I am under a great deal of pressure and I just need to focus and try and stay as balanced as possible. I am a winner and I refuse to lose, but I have to be smart. If I do not listen to my body I won’t be around to enjoy the finish line, I need to see the finish line standing up outside, not in lying still in a hospital bed.  You now what I mean?

Yoga-The Stress Buster

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Did You Know?

Exercise is both stress reliever and essential to a healthy lifestyle. Yoga is ideal for these times since it works not only on the body but also on, the mind and the spirit. Strenuous physical exercises combined with breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques are just what the Doctor ordered for high stress times. The alternative can often be undesired weight-gain, increased alcohol use or depression.

Check out this new amazing DVD that includes a discussion on meditation from the Dalai Lama. It teaches step by step, easy to follow practices to reduce negative thoughts & emotions while promoting positive thinking. With over 20 routines to address negative mental, emotional and physical issues, this DVD is the most comprehensive one of its kind. It also includes an UNPRECEDENTED 30 minute instruction on meditation with the Dalai Lama!


And the race continues…..–written by Charity

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So I got sick last night eating two bites of the wondersoup suggested in my current 7 day diet. My acid reflux exploded and I was no good for the night of my second wedding anniversary. Needless to say this morning with the help of some last minute medication I was able to get it under control, But I will not eat the soup ANYMORE and I lost this mornings workout.  So, do I cry and moan about it? No, the show must go on. Today I will be working out at lunch for an hour and a half to burn 1000 calories or more and I will also be working out this evening burn an additional 1500 calories. I lost 500 calories by not working out last evening and I have to make up for lost time.

On to the good stuff, I am on day 3 of the diet I get to eat a combo of fruit and veggies, and when I stepped on the scale this morning I lost 1 lb bringing me to a total of 7 lbs lost since Monday 4-20-09. I am rocking it out and loving it. More to come…