Where do I start?


I want to start this program but I don’t have any weights as yet.

My body weight is 60kg and I am 40 years old. I have really skinny arms and legs too. Lol.

What should I start with first in order to set me straight on the way to getting a body like yours Ahmad?

Cheers m8

Antony :0)


3 Responses to “Where do I start?”

  1. How many push-ups can you do with good form within 1 minute?

    Please answer this and we will go from there…

    excited to help you change your body…

  2. Hi Ahmad.

    I can do 30-40 push-ups depending on how I feel on a particular day.

    Thanks man.

    Antony :0)

  3. Antony,
    That is great to hear. So what we need to begin with is a pretty cool program I will ask you to try for 20 days straight. I want you to try:

    The Advance Special Forces Workout Pt2. Clip every other day. You will be asked to do the clip 2-3 times.
    Your next order to do will be TO DO any of my ab clips 2 times through, and I need you to then to choose one of the cardio week clips to do. You may change the order of the clips you choose. Just do a different cardio clip AFTER you do your ab routine.

    Ask me more questions so we can make this program customized for you….


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