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Ask Ahmad?

ask me?

User: Rompmyg

How to get what they call “the iron v.”

You need to practice a move known as half boat. I will
do the move in the WEEK 5 EASY CARDIO CLIP.
Do you do any type of kick boxing? Well kicking exercises
really help define the region you spoke of needing help with.
Stay tuned for the next clip.

User: kareemtiheed

Get Prom Ready Quick:

1. No more sugar after 12 pm.
2. No more RICE, PASTA, OR BREAD after 12 pm.
3. Do 20-45 minutes of cardio up until 2 days before the
4. Decrease the amount of sodium you intake each day.
5. Read and practice all of my lesson clips on my youtube channel:

Take a before pic and then wait 4 weeks and take an after.

You’re Almost There,


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