Do You Listen To Your Body?

written by ahmad

As I age…

… I find I am learning the language of my body. Your body speaks to you too. You just have to start listening. The next time you have a tough workout, take note of what body parts/areas are sore the next day. Normally the sore spots if you did not try to work those spots can be considered your weak link. So the way I plan to reverse the clock with my body is to take note of what problems I have with soreness. Where do I feel the pain after most workouts?

Well during the next few weeks of training I plan to work very hard on balance and flexibility. I plan to do yoga at least 1-2 times a week starting this week. I am also scheduling out one hour each day to do a traditional workout; ALONG with my normal all throughout the day workout.  With this new schedule I will be sticking strict with my nutrient timing around my workouts. I plan to fuel at the correct times and document my results.

I am taking this task serious and look forward to the rewards smart work will get me.

You;re Almost There,


ps. Make sure to keep track of “steadylosing” ‘s blog post here. She is in the process of reaching her ideal weight. You can see her ups and downs as she enjoys the whole process. Let me know if you need help finding her post or contacting her for information.


2 Responses to “Do You Listen To Your Body?”

  1. yoga is amazing.

  2. Yes it has really shown me what getting use to the good burn can result in. It is a great process.

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