the love / hate relationship I have with my cheat meal…

written by ahmad

the cheat meal

the cheat meal

I am now ending what seemed like and endless day of cheating.

Let me just say it involved a Coldstone Creamery Gift Card and two other ice cream craving companions. I really enjoyed the sweeter side of eating today. My cardio was great this weekend. I almost over trained. Well in a way I did…I am now really sore…really. The benefit from being sore I learned how to do a new ab move that is very effective for giving a deep burn, with very little motion.

The point of this post is about rewarding yourself….don’t forget it is okay. Make sure to only do it after you really pushed through old barriers or conquered a new challenge.

What will you do today to make that cheat meal more sweet?

You’re Almost There,



2 Responses to “the love / hate relationship I have with my cheat meal…”

  1. antonio Says:

    Im so glad you posted this as most of us experience the desire to have a cheat meal after an intense workout. If someone in your shape can have a cheat meal after reaching a goal – then I can stop beating myself up and enjoy a cookie every 30 days or so. I appreciate what you do…although I have a trainer in jacksonville, florida…I will watch your videos every time you post one.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yes you can enjoy your cheat meal as long as you understand the power of energy balance. You want to put in the work so that you can enjoy the weekly or monthly indulgence:)

    Thanks for watching the clips!

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