Be flexible, learn how to change things up….–written by Charity

What am I talking about? I am talking about keeping your body guessing while all the while eating and exercising regularly. When I first started in Sep of 2008 I would eat 5 small meals a day; things like oatmeal or a small bowl of cereal for breakfast, a piece of fruit/nuts/yogurt 2 times a day, chicken and veggies for lunch and dinner. For exercise I would workout twice a day once in the morning and then in the evening after work.  Since September, I have changed my eating & exercise routinea bit with the help of with “Ahmad Baari.” I now can also use protein shakes in place of meals adding things like fruit and natural fruit juices. I also have learned not to eat up to 4 hours before workouts so that while exercising I am burning straight fat ( which is why working out  in the mornings are best, because you have an empty stomach). I have also learned not to eat until on hour after working out to allow your body to continue  burning as much fat and calories as possible with little interference. One more thing, drinking water and hydroxycut max also greatly contributes to the whopping 27 lbs that I have lost, that’s right I said it 27lbs. I once was 212 and now I am 185 lbs, HOORAY!. I officially have 20 more lbs to lose to go back into the military. I am giving myself  until April 30, 2009 to try and loose as much as possible.

 At this point I am doing the 7 day diet which I started today. I can only eat fruit today and tomorrow only veggies etc…here is the website for all you curious folks.;

Here’s the diet as promised….

I also continue to work out 3 times a day at 5am, 12/1pm and in the evenings around 6/7-8/9pm, during  the week. Today I beat my record of calories burned by working out a total of  2 hrs and 10 minutes and burning 2000 calories. I am a bit tired but overall the fruit for meals was not bad at all today. I lost 4 lbs already when getting on the scale tonight. I weighed in yesterday at 189/190 today I weighed in at 185.

Oh and by the way for the folks on the treadmill try to run really hard for 2 minutes then jog/walk for 3 minutes then change to a 2 minute hard run and then walk for 1 minute. Just play around with it a bit, it really works, I find that changing things up like this on the treadmill helps me burn 2-3 times the regular calories I burn in an hour. I learned everything I know form Ahmad at, don’t forget to check him out he is amazing. I am a witness.


One Response to “Be flexible, learn how to change things up….–written by Charity”

  1. Wow Charity…that was beautiful! Thank you for keeping us all posted and proving that smart action really does result in you reaching your goal. I am glad to have been a slight push to your forward progression into your true potential…thank you for not letting me down…

    this is an interesting daily journal…I am on the edge of my seat awaiting the last minute results…:)

    you’re almost there,

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