Diet Fads-Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry

Did You Know?

There are so many different fad diets and different opinions on how to lose weight. Here are some of the best ways to lose weight without going hungry.

1. Stop Focusing solely on Calories

2. Eat High Protein Foods

3. Stick to eating Low Glycaemic Index (GI) Foods

4. Eat plenty of Raw Foods

5. Keep Healthy Food in the House

6. Curb alcohol intake without sacrifice

7. Chew your food

In this book, Zahensky considers the reasons people overeat and walks readers through practical steps to recognizing true hunger, making a weight-loss plan, and establishing good diet and exercise habits. She examines different types of fad and crash diets, pointing out their inherent dangers.



2 Responses to “Diet Fads-Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry”

  1. Hey Ahmad, don’t know if you’ll read this comment. Hopefully I’m doing this right. Anyway, the name’s Milo. I was looking for some “lose love handles” videos and I came across one of your videos on youtube. Let me tell you, the inspiration has never been so great. I actually started to eat healthy before I saw your video and lost about 10 pounds in approximately 2-3 weeks. Well, this was MY idea of eating healthy. Very low sugar intake, no sodas, no foods with high fat, etc. I’m recently following your video titled “Cardio and arms workout. Do everyday for 30 days”. I’m on my 6th day barely, but damn do I get a workout. I think I am seeing some results, but I’m sure I could do better. I want to continue another one of your excercises; I believe the next one to that one is the “(Quick Results) Can you do this for the next 6 days without fail?” In the beginning of the video you stated that it had to be done days 31-60. Is that following the Cardio and arms workout I’m currently doing? Oh, I’m also doing the Navy Seal Ab Workout, again, from your videos. I do one set 3 times a week. I just started last monday, so I’ve only done it for 3 days. I plan to increase it to 2 sets my second week. To sum it up, I need you to tell me what videos to follow and in what order, if there’s any order at all, to get a good, cut upper body, but mainly to lose that fat around my waist. I also need you to tell me, based on your criteria, what are the best foods to eat to lose those love handles and belly fat. I am 6’2, and as of right now, I weigh 199 (Not 200 because I’m proud of every pound I lose, lol). Some online articles say foods with high protein and fiber are critical for losing fat. Just wanna ask you for reassurance. Anywho, I have taken before pics already, so we’ll see what happens on day 30 :). Thanks in advance Ahmad, appreciate your time.

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