My Cardio Plan For Tomorrow

I plan to rise at 6:45 and cycle for 30 minutes,using my 12 round timer. I then will go to south beach boardwalk, run for one hour. Back up plan if it rains…push for 1 hour on my bike(I have my roadbike mounted on my trainer-creates fake hills and inclines for me).

Eating I plan to drink tons of vitamin water and really consume healthy snacks. Rule#1:I must do enough activity each day to burn off any bad calories, and intake healthy antioxidant foods/drinks.

And work smart/hard.

You’re Almost There,


5 Responses to “My Cardio Plan For Tomorrow”

  1. Is that Vitamin water good for you? I thought it had a lot of sugar! I saw my son drinking one and I was wondering since it doesn’t have any nutritional facts labeling on it if it was good for you!

    I like that philosophy of doing enough activity to burn off bad calories!

    I’ll be working out with you in spirit!!


  2. I normally use Vitamin Water to hydrate the smart way. I know that the only way muscle will grow and stimulate an increase in metabolic rate is if you create the proper blood chemistry. For muscle to thrive and flourish, you must have high growth hormone and an increase in testosterone (caused both by the resistance training), and you must intake a fast absorbing protein like whey….now the most important part and here is where the vitamin water come in…

    you must also have a higher level of insulin in your blood stream too. So after strenuous exercise intake the vitamin water. It will not harm you since your muscle sugar tanks are already drained after the workout…or they should be before doing your cardio.

    So Vitamin water is ok…Compare the sugar content…it is really the best out of the other drinks.
    Thanks for the post!

  3. I was also noticing the amount of sugar in Gatorade, because my son loves it. They do have a low-cal Gatorade now though.

  4. erica1992 Says:

    Okay Well Im wondering about the the Week one routines. I started teh weeek one routine today. SO do i star the Lesson 3 thing during week 2. or do i do tht starting today?

  5. First off good job for starting!! Second you want to begin changing your current eating plan EACH day gradually to make it resemble the Lesson 3 eating clip. In the ebook on the site I give more detail too…Yes start now.


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