No More Games It’s Go Time.

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About a year ago  last June I lost 52 lbs over a span of 7 months,  going from 212 lbs to 160lbs, only to get unexpectedly pregnant ( I was on birth control). Then to find out 2.5 months into the pregnancy that my baby was not doing well. Only to lose the baby….Did I mention that before I found out I was pregnant that I had lost all that weight in order to go back into the Air Force and make a better life for me and my husband? I was just about to get the go ahead to re-enlist and boom! So anyway I gained 25 lbs and started a masters degree program August of 2009, working full time as well. Stress, slight anxiety and some depression helped me to easily gain another 15lbs bringing me to a whopping 200lbs by December of 2009. I am tired of leaving my diet and exercise to chance because of schedules or skewed mental health. I am the master of my own destiny and it’s never too late to turn things around. I have to change, that is all.It starts with me.


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Easy Quick Cardio Workout @ makingthebest09

the fast way to lose fat fast…workout with me online just like she is doing!

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Together Again

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My Day 17 OF 30…做最佳的小队成员09Workout Online with me.

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Record Yourself Doing this Workout! Beat My Reps And Time 14 DAYS in a row! Can You??

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My third attempt Ahmad’s: Week One Easy Quick Cardio Workout

She is wanting to lose fat fast and build lean muscle. Keep an eye on her. Lets eat smart healthy foods…the list can go on.


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How FLEXIBLE are you?? Flex with me….